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The One Tattoo Comp

The One Tattoo Comp is an online tattoo competition & community organisation, run by tattooists for tattooists. Join us for varied, monthly competitions judged by industry leading tattoo artists, all from the comfort of your own studio!

We like to keep things simple.

Tattoo artists deserve much more than just recognition for the artwork they bring into the world, and conventions are few & far between. The One Tattoo Comp is a singular online competition run monthly, with ever-changing conditions, styles & judges!  

Spend time building your online profile, upload your favourite portfolio pieces & join our open online communities to share tips, tricks, support & trade secrets with artists across the UK, whilst battling it out for top spot every month. Accounts aren't limited to competing artists - judges, traders, apprentices & anyone involved in the tattoo industry can join & show the love!

Did we also mention the cash prize for the winner? ;)

Each competition will utilise 3 independent judges relevant to the monthly category, and winners will be chosen based on skill, saturation, technique & matching competition criteria ONLY.  Whilst likes & comments are appreciated, they won't be counted towards any categories.

Of course, we aren't limiting prizes to just one winner. Runners up of any category will be up for the chance to win various prizes, including tattoo equipment & supplies provided by supply company sponsorships. You put in the work, you should reap the benefits! 

Head here to meet our members & check out this month's category!

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