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TOTC - Frequently Asked Questions

Who are we?

The One Tattoo Comp was brought to life by award winning tattoo artist Colin Whitfield. Alongside running a studio in North Devon, Colin & Kelsey Whitfield formulated Whitfields Tattoo Co in lockdown 2020, a dedicated tattoo aftercare & studio product business focused solely around sustainable, eco friendly & biodegradable products.

What is the One Tattoo Comp?

The One Tattoo Comp is a new, innovative way to bring artists all across the UK and further into friendly, monthly competitions with added benefits. We all love conventions, but taking the time to run across the country is just not viable for some artists. We wanted to bring a new age spin on classic tattoo traditions. A simple pay to play, with 3 winners chosen from each category every month. On top of a wicked range of prizes (including cash for the winner!), artists will get invaluable feedback & recognition from a blossoming, supportive online community.

Why do we have to pay to play?

Well competitions aren't too fun without some cool prizes, right? You guys work so hard every day to make your pieces the best they can be, you should be rewarded! Top prize for the winner every month will be a nice cash prize, taken purely from your entries. So, the more people who get involved, the bigger that prize! On top of that, runners up will have a chance to win a range of tattoo related prizes from various competition sponsors.

How is the winner chosen?

The winners of each category are chosen by 3 Pro guest artists specialising in the theme of the month. They will be judging on a range of techniques & parameters - not limited to linework, saturation, placement, overall look.

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