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Site Rules

1. Kindness ALWAYS

We want to build a supportive, positive online community that everyone can flourish from. Studios, sponsorships & social followings don't matter here, so please speak with kindness, conviction & respect to every member, no matter what! We have 0 tolerance for any negativity or abuse, and if brought to our attention the appropriate action will be taken.

2. Stick to posting rules

Please limit the amount of  posting & commenting on official competition pages. We encourage feedback but too many conversations on the official monthly page can hide official entries & make judging harder. Please use the social media features on your posts and spread the love across all platforms!

3. Entries are final

Entry purchases are final & will not be refunded.  Once competition entry has been purchased, you have automatic access to the competition forum for one calendar month, regardless of you entering your artwork. For protection of all the artwork submitted, only accounts that have gone through all the verification steps & paid for entry will have access to the artwork included & contribute towards the prize fund.

4. Judging/Winners

Winners will be chosen based off of the work they submit, and only the piece they submit. Like & comment count do not play in, and guest judges will pick winners anonymously to avoid bias. You should be rewarded on your hardwork & talent, not your follower count. Guest judges decisions are final.

5. Artwork/Image Uploads

Any and all artwork uploaded to this website are not to be reposted, reused, downloaded or shared elsewhere without the original posters explicit permission. Images are purposely protected behind a paywall & all measures have been taken to prevent downloading & redistribution. Any persons using images that are not there's will be automatically banned from any future competitions taking place.

6. Pay to Play

The entry price plan for our competitions forums are used directly for the winners prize fund. No entries will be accepted without full entry payment & no refunds will be processed.

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